Morgan Housel is a columnist at the Motley Fool. He is a two-time winner of the Best in Business award from the Society of American Business Editors and Writers and was selected by the Columbia Journalism Review for the Best Business Writing 2012 anthology. In 2013 he was a finalist for the Gerald Loeb Award and Scripps Howard Award. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Southern California.

Heard on the street:

“Morgan Housel is a permanent optimist… I have been enjoying his writing for years now — he is my favorite Motley Fool writer.” – Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture

“Morgan Housel’s explanatory skills are simply superb. Best of the class. Lively writing with a strong voice and a sprinkle of humor. Willing and able to take on the powers that be. Thought provoking. He is so persuasive, he almost makes us wish we had racked up the national debt even higher.” - Judges’ comments from Society of American Business Editors and Writers Best in Business award 2011

“Morgan Housel isn’t afraid to be trenchant – and good for him. Written in a voice that is clear and, at times, wry, Housel helps readers deconstruct some of today’s more head-scratching moments in the financial world. The judges were particularly impressed with the idea and execution behind his column that debunked the defenders of “too big to fail.” Much of his work was well reported and the judges (and presumably, readers) learned things they didn’t know – always a good thing.” – Judges’ comments from Society of American Business Editors and Writers Best in Business award 2010

“The Motley Fool’s Morgan Housel is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers on things financial.” – Eddy Elfenbein, Crossing Wall Street

“Morgan Housel, who is rapidly distinguishing himself as the best writer at Motley Fool …” – Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker

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